I can finally come out with the truth.  Know the truth and the truth will set you free.  I was "outed" by Alison, Domenic, and Eric at ITC bridge this morning.  Yes, it is me Mark Pierce from Atrans.  I was the guy who sent email after email to Tom Butler with request after request to ask some difficult questions of the UK team who now runs his forum as their private playground.  Requests which were routinely denied by Tom.

Finally because I had the impertience to email another member at her website with concerns about the team, Tom banned me. I have never been banned before for sending private emails to another person at their website, but so be it.  It makes you wonder how far Tom will go to protect the team from public scrutiny of their work.

Anyway, it is my opinion based on my review of their files, both for the You tube content as well as what appears to be cutting and pasting in the files themselves that they are creating questionable files. 

Here is a another opinion on the files I received via email from someone who has the experience and the ability to examine the files in detail.

"I have listened to the files in question and do have my own opinion on them. When I was in the ARMY it was my job to listen to morse code, and I did it for 4 years. I have been listening to audio and spirit for years .... I am of the opinion that the files are an audio match for the youtube files. They do not sound like them, they are them. I have analyzed it myself, and have come to that conclusion." (name redacted to protect the sender from personal attacks like I experienced).

There are also issues with changing recording locations (First the kitchen, then the living room), changing techniques, and finally  Eric and his posting in January where he can't wait for the journal to be published, to his posting in March in which he declared "After reading the posting in the journal I contacted them"  then followed up by a convient evp with his name "They didn't know my name" he declared. Unfortunately for him, Alison had previously posted in February that "Eric has been working with us".  So it seems the either the spirits are pretty dense, or someone didn't check the earlier postings before making another file to validate their link to a special "portal".

(By the way, I have screen captures of all the referenced postings above, so don't bother to go in and change or delete them)
In any case, once their work gets into a domain where they can be subject to the difficult questions Tom shielded them from, their claims may not hold up quite as well as they  hope. Most likely it will be an interesting ride to follow the adventures of the morse code team.

I am solely responsible for the opinion which I have posted above and this posting  represents my opinion only and does not reflect the opinion or beliefs of the Website owner or host, and is not the official policy of the EVP ITC Organization.

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